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How to Use the Seven Universal Laws to Create A New Reality

Updated: Jan 24

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Greetings Divine child —

Whether you know it or not, you live by seven Universal Laws. Which laws am I talking about? We'll get to that in a moment, but first I want to go over what exactly a "Universal Law" is.

A Universal Law is, as you might expect, a law that governs the Universe. Laws by which everyone and everything abide. Some Universal Laws are mutable, which means they can be transcended. When these laws are truly understood and mastered, they may be overcome, but not without great commitment and self-mastery.

Other Universal Laws are immutable, meaning they cannot be transcended; they are absolute. But just because they cannot be overcome doesn't mean you can't use them to your advantage.

By truly understanding these Universal Laws, you can use them to your benefit, to help change your reality and create the life you desire.

While there are many laws governing the Universe, I would like to focus on these seven:

1. Law of Mentalism (Immutable)

All is Mind. When I say "mind," I don't mean the ego-mind (all the inner chatter and thought patterns), which exists on a lower plane of consciousness, I mean the One Mind. (Although, because everything is within the One Mind, and the ego-mind is part of the All, it is technically part of the One Mind). Let me try to simplify: there is nothing that is not part of the One Mind. All that you do and do not know, all that you can know, is within the All of the One Mind.

How to Use this Law to Benefit My Life:

Because all is Mind, all is an illusion — everything is conscious energy. Therefore, I can bring anything I want into existence, because it already exists as conscious energy. I just have to choose to bring it into my reality. To do this successfully, I first need to become aware of my thoughts. Thoughts are what can change my life. I must listen to my thoughts to understand why my reality is the way it is, and I must choose new thoughts to create a new reality.

2. Law of Correspondence (Immutable)

All is connected. There is no separation — we are all one. As above, so below and as below, so above.

How to Use this Law to Benefit My Life:

This law reminds me that I am never alone; I am always, have always been, and will always be part of the All. I cannot be separated from the All. I may feel separated, but this is an illusion. Knowing and accepting this truth can give me a sense of great power and support from which I can draw as I create the life I desire.

3. Law of Vibration (Immutable)

This law states that all is in motion all the time, there is no rest; nothing is static. This law holds in it the Law of Attraction, or as we call it here, LOA. Everything (everything that exists in the potential of the All, of the One Mind) has a vibrational frequency — every thought, feeling, action, belief, possibility, etc. — and like vibration attracts like vibration.

How to Use this Law to Benefit My Life:

This law helps me understand that everything in my current reality is something I've attracted. I am manifesting everything in my life, whether I like it or not, be it a person, a thing, or an experience. When I understand this, I take responsibility for my creations, thereby reclaiming my creative powers. Because I know that my thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs have specific vibrational frequencies that attract similar vibrational frequencies, I also know that I can use this to my advantage: I can change my thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs to send out new vibrational frequencies and attract a different reality, a reality that serves my highest good.

4. Law of Polarity (Mutable)

Because this law is mutable, it can be transcended, but not until it is fully understood. The Law of Polarity is founded on the principle of duality and states that everything has an opposite. But it's important to note that these opposites exist on the same spectrum. For example, temperature can be hot or cold, but it is still temperature; the only thing that changes is the frequency. Another set of "opposites" that exist on the same spectrum is love and hate. They are two opposing manifestations of the same energy. Polarity means to have opposites identical in nature but different in degree.

How to Use this Law to Benefit My Life:

I can choose to put my focus on the side of the sliding scale I want to manifest in my life. Where am I on a certain spectrum? What energy am I resonating? Where would I like to be on this same spectrum? What energy do I want to resonate, and thereby attract into my life?

To Transcend this Law:

I must embrace the neutrality of each vibration.

5. Law of Rhythm (Mutable)

We experience the Law of Rhythm like the swinging of a pendulum. This natural law can help to explain the ups and downs and back and forth in all things.

How to Use this Law to Benefit My Life:

As I see the pendulum swing back and forth, I allow it to swing without resistance. Allowing this helps me to live easily. I can pull myself above the chaos using the power of mentalism and vibration, just like I can transcend the law of polarity.

To Transcend this Law:

Just observe and know that all will be well again. Sometimes I am able to see the benefits in the swing, and sometimes not, but I must not hold on to any one thing too hard. I must just let the pendulum swing.

6. Law of Cause & Effect (Mutable)

Also known as Law of Karma, and Law of Sowing and Reaping

This law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Because of this, there is no such thing as luck, chance, or coincidence. What you think, feel, say, and do sends out a specific vibrational frequency, and the Law of Cause & Effect will ensure that you will receive the same vibrational frequency in return.

How to Use this Law to Benefit My Life:

I must stop playing victim. I must see my truth. If I believe that someone or something is causing my life to be a certain way, this is me letting the law rule my life. However, if I take control of my life by seeing and owning my truth, by taking responsibility for the vibrations I am sending out, I can change what I put out. I can raise my vibration to one of compassion and love and acceptance. I can use this law to work for me.

To Transcend this Law:

Only resonate out what I desire to get back.

7. Law of Gender (Mutable)

Everything has what we understand to be a masculine and a feminine side. Note, this has nothing to do with physical sex, as in male and female. This law has to do with the dual relationship of all things that exist on all planes, including quantum or subatomic, matter and mind. Within the mind aspect, the conscious mind can be seen as masculine while the subconscious mind can be seen as feminine. We can also look at this law as positive and negative, positive being masculine and negative being feminine, but we need to make sure the terminology is explained here. In this case, positive and negative do not mean good and bad; it has to do with creation, like the positive and negative charges of protons and electrons that make up atoms. Negative as the mother pole and positive as the father pole. This creates unions that result in light, heat, electricity, attraction, and repulsion, as well as chemical affinity, etc. Both masculine and feminine aspects are always present in every form. But this law can also be transcended.

How to Use this Law to Benefit My Life:

In our human bodies, the left side of the body represents certain feminine qualities such as nurturing, receiving, and loving. The right side of the body represents certain masculine qualities such as action, giving, and self-interest. Notice how each side of my body is feeling. Is one side prone to pain more so than the other? If so, I know I need to balance my masculine and feminine energies. It may be as simple as knowing when to say "no" and when to say "yes."

To Transcend this Law:

Cultivate complete balance within.

How to use the seven Universal Laws to create a new reality

As stated above, these Universal Laws are in effect whether you know about them or not. The laws work all the time, forever. There are ways to transcend some of these laws, to some degree, but this is only when you have done the mastery work yourself. The mastery of one’s thoughts to the highest degree is the key to true freedom, true mastery. Not just learning the laws, but implementing them, which is known as the Law of Use — which is just that, using the knowledge of the laws.

All laws work together, and in cooperation with each other as they govern the All. There are many other laws that are not among the seven Universal Laws we covered today. Below is a list of some of these laws, briefly described.

Law of Abundance: There is an abundance of everything for all.

Law of Detachment: To detach from the outcome, which is more or less about having the faith that what I ask for will come to pass. (To detach is a great skill to achieve)

Law of Materialization: Be, Do, Have.

Law of Least Effort: Acceptance of all, coupled with Self-Responsibility.

Law of Compensation: For every loss there is a gain, for every gain there is a loss. (Balance)

Law of Physics: No two objects can occupy the same space at the same time.

Law of Healing: First, nothing changes until it becomes what it is: Love. Second, because no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time; I am either resonating Love or Fear, not both. And third, my beliefs create my reality.

Law of Germination: To wisely sacrifice short-term gain for long term success.

Law of Gravity: Gravity is the force that attracts two bodies toward each other.

I would also like to add a note here: To have your Word become Law, always tell your truth. Do not tell a truth that will intentionally harm, but do not say what you believe is an untruth. This includes keeping promises. So, be conscious of what you are committing to, and be sure that you are willing to follow through. This takes practice, but it is a great skill to acquire, for this level of integrity creates harmony within the body.

Be honest and gentle with yourself as you begin to work with these laws. Relax and enjoy the journey as best you can. If you find it overwhelming, either take a break or start with just one law and implement it to the best of your abilities. Know that as you practice, it will get easier and make more sense. Remember that you can achieve freedom through self-mastery by just starting with your thoughts.

Remember who you are — you are Divine Love.

Disclaimer: HLS does not treat, heal, cure or otherwise provide any medical or psychological services whatsoever. HLS offers this information to you in the hopes that you will be able to discern what does and does not resonate with you.


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