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Shush, Ego! Shush! How to Quiet the Ego-Mind

Updated: Feb 11

lower half of redheaded woman holding a finger to her lips to shush

Greetings Divine child —

Take in a slow full breath.

Exhale completely.

Continue to breathe in a nice easy rhythm. Now, settle into your body by relaxing it. Release the tension in your muscles. Now let’s get started. We are about to cover what may be one of the most challenging practices of them all. We are about to attempt to quiet the constant chatterbox within, otherwise known as the ego-mind.

The most important thing to know about the ego-mind is that it is terrified of the unknown. When it senses a change in the path ahead, it slams on the brakes. But what the ego doesn't know is how wonderful, how exciting, the unknown can be. The unknown can be full of light and beauty and joy. Every possible potential future exists in the unknown, meaning you can choose to create whatever you desire, if you are willing to do the work it takes to quiet the ego so that you may step into the unknown.

The ego is like a nervous, hyperactive helicopter parent. If you let it, it will control your every move, keeping you stuck forever in the familiar, even if the familiar is not what's best for you.

Here is a truth you may not yet know: your ego is meant to be your servant, not your master.

Ego’s energy is based in fear and is designed to keep you alive. Everything is scary to ego, especially the unknown. Sure there are some dangers out there in the unknown, but there is so much more than can be imagined by the limited ego mentality. The ego is also skilled in the game of lies and confusion. It will tell you anything it needs to tell you in order to keep you "safe," as ego sees it. Remember from the previous post that the ego is like your computer software, and the programs it runs have been downloaded over time. Most of this programming doesn’t even belong to you. You inherited it, from your caregivers, from your environment, and from the past, epigenetically. In times of war or famine, the ego was what kept you alive. It was not designed to help you evolve or create; only survive.

One of ego's most effective tactics is distraction. It keeps you focused on the drama of life: the struggle, the excitement, the things that distract you from creating the life you desire. Ego distracts you so well that you often don't even realize it has locked you away, feeding you an endless feast of drama to distract you from evolving. To the ego, stasis means safety. It wants to keep you in this room forever.

But now that you know what ego is and why it does what it does, you can choose to break the cycle. You can leave this room if you choose. You can rise above the distractions, the drama, the familiar, and step into the unknown. You can explore your truth. If you choose.

Quieting the ego-mind is a constant practice. As long as you are here on the physical plane of existence, you will probably have to continue to work to gain mastery over this highly skilled, but less powerful, element of yourself. It is a necessary part of your existence in this realm, but it is not meant to dominate your life. It is meant to serve you. Remember this anytime you forget that you have unlimited power. Only ego sees the limits and continues to believe in these limits even after you have proven to it that you are safe to live a greater, more beautiful life.

You are a Divine, powerful being. You can think thoughts of health, beauty, success, and abundance. You can decide what you want your life to be and make it happen.

Take the time to look deeper into what you truly want. You reclaim your power by thinking things that help you attract all you wish to be and want to achieve. You are the Divine Source in a physical body that can act on the dreams you dream, change the beliefs that do not serve you, and step into the unknown. Ego is limited. You are not.

You can create anything you desire as long as you believe it. Remember, you deserve the Divine experience of a lifetime.

Remember who you are — you are Divine Love.

Disclaimer: HLS does not treat, heal, cure or otherwise provide any medical or psychological services whatsoever. HLS offers this information to you in the hopes that you will be able to discern what does and does not resonate with you.

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