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What is the Purpose of My Body, Mind, & Soul?

Updated: Jan 24

golden woman sitting crosslegged with her arms out in meditation

Greetings Divine child —

You've probably heard the words "Mind," "Body," and "Soul" strung together in one way or another. But do you really know how each one plays a part in your experience here on Earth? Let’s take a few moments to look deeper into the purpose of each of these elements.

The Purpose of My Body

woman doing tree pose on a rock by the sea

To keep things simple, think of your body as your vehicle. It is designed to get you from place to place in the physical world. This vehicle also offers up details about your environment through your senses. These senses help you react to the environment around you. Through these senses, you may notice that you are either enjoying the sights and sounds around you or sensing fear or even danger. These senses help you experience your life, as well as survive in it.

Your body, your vehicle, also carries the things you have picked up along the way. Things like pain, struggle, heaviness, doubt, etc. Let's imagine that these things are passengers. They know they aren't meant to live in your vehicle with you, so they will ask to be dropped off. But oftentimes, you don't slow down long enough to let them out. Whatever the reason may be, you continue to drive (to live) on autopilot.

These passengers represent your old programs and energies that no longer serve you. They need to be heard and released. Only when you slow down for long enough (steady the body and truly listen to your sensations) can you open the door and let them out. This will make room for new passengers. The kind of passengers that you enjoy being with; the passengers that serve your highest good, like joy, freedom and inner-peace.

The Purpose of My Mind

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If your body is like your vehicle, your (ego)mind is like your computer software. It is filled with programs from the past and is constantly downloading more and more data. Much of the data that is collected is mostly useless and just takes up space. Research shows that the human mind thinks approximately 50,000 – 75,000 thoughts per day. And most of those thoughts do not serve you. The (ego)mind runs on fear energy, and, if left to its own devices, keeps you trapped in survival mode, meaning it remains on high alert for anything and everything that may cause you harm. This keeps the body, your vehicle, in a fight or flight state of being. This state of being does not serve you. You cannot create or heal the body if you are always in survival mode.

You must take control of your (ego)mind. It is your tool and it is meant to be used to benefit your life, not limit it. You are meant to take control of your thoughts, to think thoughts that make you feel good. When you start controlling your thoughts, you start creating your life.

The Purpose of My Soul

ethereal wisps of green, purple, and white light

Your soul is your true-self. Your eternalness. Your Divinity; the complete essence of you. Your soul is the self that knows all about you, your truths, your past, your present and your future — Yes, your future (Time is an illusion). Your soul knows your purpose for coming to live a life on Earth, and all that you are here to experience and learn. It knows all.

While it may feel like you are not always in tune with your soul, it is always within you. Furthermore, your soul is continually communicating with you. All you have to do is listen. It talks to you through your body, through your feelings and intuition.

It is imperative that you listen to your inner voice and continually stay aware of how your body reacts to different thoughts and experiences. This is how you hear the messages from your soul and rediscover your Truth.


So the gist is this: your body is here on the Earth plane of existence for you to move, feel, and experience this dimension. Your mind exists to continually process and create your experiences via your thoughts. But you are not just a body and a mind. You are an eternal soul from the Divine Source of Love who has come to this plane of existence for the experience. Your Body, Mind, and Soul are continually working together to create your life, and the goal now is to be present in this life, to be grateful for this unique experience, and to embrace your Divine creative powers to make this life all that you wish it to be.

Remember who you are — you are Divine Love.

Disclaimer: HLS does not treat, heal, cure or otherwise provide any medical or psychological services whatsoever. HLS offers this information to you in the hopes that you will be able to discern what does and does not resonate with you.

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