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Why Am I Not Getting What I Want? The Hidden Beliefs Blocking Your Desires

Greetings Divine child —

What’s keeping you from successfully manifesting your desires? Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, no matter how many times you declare what you want, visualize it, and allow it in, something is still blocking you. The question then becomes why are you not getting what you want? And furthermore, why do you want what you want in the first place? Examining the answers to these questions will reveal the emotional patterns and vibrational frequencies counteracting your manifestation efforts. And once you know what’s blocking you, you’ll have the knowledge you need to break through and allow your wants to finally come into your reality.

The hidden beliefs behind your desires

For example, let's say you’ve declared that you want to manifest a million dollars. Good, you have made a choice and declared it, but now it’s time to go into why you want what you want. So ask the question “Why do I want a million dollars?”  If your answer is something like, “I want a million dollars so that I don’t have to worry about money anymore,” then it stands to reason that the conflicting frequency you may be resonating out is the belief in lack. This is where you must go deeper into your programs. If you’ve spent years worrying about having enough money, you’ve undoubtedly developed a deep-seated belief in lack. I don’t have enough. I need more. What if I never have enough? If that’s the case, you’ll have to rewire this belief in order to manifest a reality where lack does not exist for you. 

Sometimes, we only want what we (think we) want because others tell us to want it. Maybe you don’t actually want a million dollars, but you were raised by caregivers who valued money above all else and therefore you feel you’d be wrong not to desire more money. 

Other times, the hidden beliefs behind your desires are a bit more complicated. To uncover these hidden beliefs, you must be honest with yourself. Honesty is essential!

Maybe the vibrational frequency holding you back from manifesting a million dollars is one of fear, judgment, or uncertainty. It’s possible that you inherited a belief that everyone who is “rich” is a dishonest or bad person, and you’re afraid of becoming or being seen as “rich.” If that’s the case, it’s no wonder you’re struggling to manifest a million dollars. You want to have the money, but you don’t want to be viewed as “rich,” and to your mind, those two things are intrinsically linked. It’s like telling the universe, “I want that. No, I don’t. Yes, I do. No, I don’t.” The messages, the vibrations, you are sending out are conflicting. This essentially causes a cancellation of the frequency you're trying to manifest. 

How to manifest by focusing on the feeling

While having a million dollars sounds great, it's worth considering that it's not necessarily the money you want, but rather the feeling associated with having a million dollars. A feeling of security, abundance, and/or freedom. Only you can know if this is true for you. There can be many reasons for wanting a million dollars — like proving wrong the people who told you you’d never amount to anything. But if that’s the case, you’ll likely still struggle to manifest what you desire because of the conflicting beliefs behind that desire.

If what you actually want is security, abundance, and/or freedom, then focus on that. Let the concept of a million dollars float away, and direct your attention to embodying the feeling of being secure, abundant, and free. What does that feel like? You can do this with anything you want to manifest. Imagine how it feels to have what you want. The mind is a powerful tool of manifestation, and it doesn't know what's real and what's not. Use that to your advantage!

By embodying the feeling of already having what you truly desire — and being grateful for it — you resonate out the vibrational frequency you want to manifest, while letting the universe do the rest. Maybe you do want a million dollars. Maybe it’s more. Maybe it’s less. It doesn’t actually matter, as long as whatever you manifest allows you to feel the way you want to feel. 

Pay attention, be honest, and create what you want

The practice of manifesting your desires is wholly dependent on your beliefs. Some of those beliefs are obvious, others are not. But you can uncover these hidden beliefs by being present, engaging in honest self-reflection, and analyzing the truth behind why you want what you want. 

Note also that the ego-mind can distract you from noticing that you’ve already manifested what you desire. The ego is so accustomed to struggle and fear, it may keep you from enjoying your creation by making you believe it hasn’t actually manifested yet. To take stock of your creations thus far, I invite you to examine your present reality. What do you love about it? What are you grateful for? What are you excited about? What recent changes to your life are benefitting you? You may have already created what you want, you just haven’t realized it yet. 

Eternally yours,

— D.p.

Remember who you are — you are Divine Love.

Disclaimer: HLS does not treat, heal, cure or otherwise provide any medical or psychological services whatsoever. HLS offers this information to you in the hopes that you will be able to discern what does and does not resonate with you.

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