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Your Divine Right to Free Will: Create the Life You Desire

Updated: Jan 24

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Greetings Divine child —

As a human, you have what is known as the Divine right to Free Will. This Divine right belongs to all humans. It means that you possess the agency to decide for yourself how you want to live. You have the right to make choices that create the life you desire.

Free Will means that you get to make your own choices. As a human with Free Will, you get to choose what you think, what you say, what you do, and what you believe. No one and no thing can take this right away. Every element of your life belongs to you.

I say this to remind you that you have the power to create the life you desire, not as a free-pass to do and say things that may hurt others. Because you are a human living in a world with other humans who all have their own Free Will, the things you do and say ripple outward. For the purposes of this discussion, I want to focus on how you can use your Divine right of Free Will to 1.) take responsibility for the life you have co-created, and 2.) create — if you choose — a new reality.

Why Taking Responsibility Matters

Having this Divine right of Free Will doesn't just mean you have the right to make your own choices; it also means you must take responsibility for the choices you've made.

When you take ownership of your co-creations, you reclaim your creative powers. This includes everything that you've experienced and everything you're currently experiencing, whether you like it or not. You are the creator of your life! You create your life with the thoughts you think, the feelings you feel, the actions you take, and the beliefs you live by.

If you look back on your past creations and realize that they do not serve your highest good, that's okay. Remember, though, that they are still your creations. Maybe some of them were lessons you wanted to learn, or patterns you needed to experience for some higher purpose. Whatever the case may be, take ownership of them. When you claim your past, you can claim your future.

The Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect means what you'd expect it to mean: for every cause, there is an effect. According to teacher and author Anne E. Angelheart, "This universal law states that nothing happens by chance or outside the universal laws. Every action has a reaction or consequence and we 'reap what we have sown.'"

This is phenomenal news because it means that you can "sow" whatever you want. If you know what your desired effect is — say, earn more money — you can work backwards to determine the cause you must put out into the universe. This cause may not always be simple or straightforward — perhaps you have some deep-seated emotional blockages related to self-worth that you'll need to feel through, heal, and reprogram in order to effectively manifest your desired effect. But you're entirely capable of doing so. The Law of Cause and Effect is always working, and once you understand it, you can choose to use it to your benefit.

How to Use Your Free Will to Serve Your Highest Good

When you wake up in the morning, you have a choice. You can leap out of bed, or you can stay under the covers. Every moment of your life involves making choices. Are you going to eat breakfast? Go to work? Spend money? Make dinner? Talk about things you don't want? Meditate? The choice is yours!

You have the right to choose how you live your life. And, along with that, you have a right to choose something different. Now is the time to stop and ask yourself if what you're choosing serves your highest good. How do you know if what you're choosing serves your highest good? You listen.

Whether you make the choice to leap out of bed or stay under the covers, listen to your body. How does it feel when you do one versus the other? How will the Law of Cause and Effect play into your choice?

To really understand how your choices affect your reality, you must stay aware and in the present moment. This is not about living on auto-pilot, it's about making intentional choices that align with your highest good.

Take a look at the choices you're currently making in your daily life. Let's say you choose, every night, to watch the evening news. Why? Does it serve your highest good? Does it make you feel happy? Or do you make that choice day in and day out because you think you should? Do you do it because you believe all adults should watch the news? And since you're an adult, you should too?

Free Will and the Roles We (Don't Have to) Play

You may have unconscious belief systems about the roles you've elected to play that propel you to make the same choices over and over again. Some of those choices may serve your highest good; others may not.

Let's do a quick exercise. Make a list of all the roles you play throughout your life. Child; son; daughter; parent; mother; father; adult; partner; spouse; home-owner; pet-owner; boyfriend; girlfriend; employee; executive; boss; teammate; friend; etc. Now, look at each of your roles, one-by-one, and think about all the choices you make because of them.

Roles are how we define our relationships. What relationships do you want to redefine? The choice is yours. You have the right to change any relationship that does not serve you. These could be relationships with your loved ones, with society in general, or with yourself.

Using Empirical Data to Redefine Your Roles

Empirical data is information you collect through real-live research. If you know that watching the news makes you feel sad and scared, you can use that knowledge to make a new decision, to choose something different, to redefine your role as an adult.

What other roles would you like to redefine? How can you use the experiential knowledge you've collected (empirical data) to make new choices, to redefine these roles?

Remember, this Divine right of Free Will belongs to you. You can decide to use this information or not. If you choose to step into your power and create the life you desire, remember to choose what you want, (see previous post). Your life is your choice — it is up to you!

Remember who you are — you are Divine Love.

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Disclaimer: HLS does not treat, heal, cure or otherwise provide any medical or psychological services whatsoever. HLS offers this information to you in the hopes that you will be able to discern what does and does not resonate with you.

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