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At HLS, we understand how difficult it is to change beliefs and behaviors.

We also know how great the benefits are once these changes happen.
We know this because we are continually working on our own evolution.

Our belief is to live by example so we truly understand how the laws of life work,

which enables us to teach it, because we have lived it.

Dr. Sherrilyn Kirchner headshot


Dr. Kirchner (Dr. K.) is the founder/owner of Holistic Life Source. Dr. K. is a metaphysician specializing in Holistic Healing. She earned her degree and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Thomas Francis University (, an accredited metaphysical school. Dr. K. has been focused on her studies since 2006 earning her Self-Mastery certifications from Holistic Learning Center, (, an accredited Life Coaching School and Board Certified by AADP. She has also received certifications as a Kvantum Energy Healer and is a Reiki Master Teacher.

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