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Messages & Reminders from D.p. Divine parent book cover

By Dr. Sherrilyn Kirchner 

The ultimate purpose of these books is to help awaken in me a renewed awareness of the immense power that lives within me by offering Messages & Reminders of forgotten truths. Deep down, I know of my powerful creation abilities, but because of the veil of the human experience, I have forgotten my true creative potential. In order to create the life I want, it is vitally important that I remember these truths and implement them into my daily life. D.p., my Divine parent, resides within the eternal Divine consciousness, which resides within me. 

beautiful lotus flower floating on among lily pads on glassy water

While talking to Divine Source is considered prayer or conscious asking, meditation is the practice of listening to Divine Source and what is being communicated from my higher consciousness. HLS offers guided meditations because we know that it takes effort & practice to learn how to quiet the mind-chatter and truly hear what Divine Source has to share with me.


These worksheets can show me how I am creating my life. I have the power to change my life, I have always had the power to change my life. It is up to me! I must first begin by knowing about my power. Then by becoming aware of my choices via my thoughts, words, and behaviors. I have control and I can begin to see this after I download and complete these FREE worksheets. I have the Divine power within me to change my life.

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