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What is a Metaphysical School?


A Metaphysical School is a place that offers tools that help you to dive deep into the philosophy of a multitude of holistic modalities that work to put the body, mind and soul into harmony. 

What is the difference between Coaching and Counseling?

Coaching is a structured set of clinically proven emotional exercises that include diagnostic measurements and empowerment tools that help you to implement new beliefs and create beneficial behaviors.

In addition to Coaching, we offer Counseling sessions for existing coaching clients. These optional Counseling sessions are designed to work in tandem with the Coaching session, providing extra time and space for an in-depth look into any habits, thoughts, and patterns that do not serve your highest good. 

Will I have weekly homework while going through the Coaching Sessions? 

Yes. Weekly homework is assigned to help you rewrite the neural patterns and programs that no longer serve you. Think of it like physical therapy— it needs to be done daily. Practice is how we implement behaviors that create new habits that lead to a new reality.

How long does it take before I notice progress from my Coaching Sessions?

Many clients notice a small shift after just one session, and a bigger shift after 8 sessions. Because of the volume of information and the vast benefits we’ve seen in previous clients, we highly recommend completing the full 21-week course. When you complete the course, if you are interested in furthering your progress, we encourage you to sign up for Counseling services, which help you to fully implement all that you’ve learned into your everyday life.

Do you offer Life Coaching or Holistic Counseling Certifications?

No, HLS it’s not a Certification School. We are a school that provides classes from a Certified Life Coach and Holistic Counselor. These classes contain clinically proven emotional exercises that our clients need in order to start living their life as empowered adults.

For Certifications, please visit:  OR

Can I get a Reiki session from Dr. K.? 

Yes. Dr. K. offers distant reiki sessions. Because reiki has a consciousness and can be directed, just like prayer can be directed, Dr. K. can send reiki to anyone (pets too), anywhere, at any time. The client can generally feel a tingling or warmth when the reiki is sent. Please go to BOOK A SESSION in the menu bar for this option.

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