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Here you will find brief reviews written by Dr. K. of the books that influenced her journey. This list of books is offered as a guide in hopes that you will choose what resonates with you to help you jump start your Holistic Journey to Self-Mastery. HLS is an Amazon affiliate and will receive a small compensation from your purchases here with no cost to you. (Your orders will go through Amazon.)

The Secret book cover

The Secret

by Rhonda Byrne

The secret was the first book that opened my eyes to the possibilities of being able to create my life the way I wanted it— the way I wanted to experience it. 

It was jaw-dropping information at that point in my life. 

I highly recommend this book to get you started if you haven’t heard of Universal Laws. 

For more information on Universal Laws I have a podcast on this website feel free to check it out: 

Holistic Life Source Podcast

Universal Laws: TeachingNote -HLS 006

How to Win Friends & Influence People book cover

How to Win Friends & Influence People

by Dale Carnegie

This was one of the 2 book reports I had to complete to get my Certification as a Life Coach. Although it was written back in the early 1900s it is still a wonderful read. I wish this was one of the books that was a required read for all students in every secondary school. 

ASK 3 copy_edited.jpg

Ask and It Is Given

by Esther and Jerry Hicks

This was one of my early reads. As I got more comfortable with more “out there” possibilities of the way existence of life could be. It was very helpful navigating my new found truths. 

Tao Te Ching book cover

Tao Te Ching

by Lao Tzu

Wow! This is amazing. Such a profound look at how life works. It is really indescribable, and yet understandable in a very esoteric way. Another book I wish was a required read for all students. 

The Kybalion book cover

The Kybalion

by Three Initiates

This is very helpful information about the laws of the universe. Quick easy read. A must for your library.

The Dream Giver book cover

The Dream Giver

by Bruce Wilkinson

This is an easy read. A fun play on words to explain the personal journey through life. 

what the bleep do we know?! book cover

What the Bleep Do We Know?!

by William Arntz, Betsy Chasse and Mark Vicente

I love this book! I listened to it over and over again! It shows how we create our life experiences in a scientific fashion. Very amazing. I saw the movie first, but of course, the book goes into so much more detail of each explanation. A MUST for your library as you continue to evolve.

Think and Grow Rich book cover

Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

This was one of the 2 book reports I had to complete to get my Certification as a Life Coach. It goes into how beliefs create your reality. A Wonderful read. 

The Untethered Sout book cover

The Untethered Soul

by Michael A. Singer

I recommend this book for a more in-depth explanation on the ego-mind. A helpful and fun read. 

Molecules of Emotion book cover

Molecules Of Emotions

by Candace Pert, Ph.D.

She explains the physical reasons why we crave certain emotions. Fabulous information for the science lover.

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die book cover

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die…

by Karol K. Truman

I use this book often. There is a reference on page 226 of “Probable Feelings Causing Illness.” This in-depth list helps me to pinpoint a possible emotion causing my physical manifestation. I highly recommend keeping this book handy for help in deciphering one’s physical challenges. 

LOA book_edited.jpg

The Law of Attraction

by Esther and Jerry Hicks

This was one of my early reads to get a more in-depth look into LOA. 

Love Wins 2_edited.jpg

Love Wins

by Rob Bell

This is a great read to offer clarity or explanations of teachings from the Bible as well as old muddled up religious views. I really appreciate this insight. 

The Hidden Messages in Water book cover

Hidden Messages in Water

by Masaru Emoto

Masaru Emoto was from Japan and worked in an oxygenation clinic. He gave us this wonderful look into how thoughts can transform our cells via working with water. The truth of it shown through the scientific method. I love how this book offers evidence on how powerful a thought is. All form starts with thought and there is no denying the proof offered in these pages. 

The Empath's Survival Guide book cover

The Empath’s Survival Guide

by Judith Orloff, MD

A good read to help us empaths protect ourselves while in the world with others. 

The Seven Spirital Laws of Success book cover

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

by Deepak Chopra

Again, a quick easy guide to the Universal Laws. Simple read.

Energy Speaks book cover

Energy Speaks

by Lee Harris

This book contains wonderful meditations and exercises. I recommend getting this on audio to make the ease of doing the exercises just by listening. Covers subjects like money, sex, relationships and health. Enlightening while offering the empowering piece so many miss.

Stealing Fire book cover

Stealing Fire

by Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheal

This sheds light onto the way of the world. It helped me to understand the “flow” or in the zone. The connection to the high vibrational energy.

Becoming Supernatural_edited.jpg

Becoming Supernatural

by Dr. Joe Dispenza

I consider this one of the advanced reads, but put it on this main list just to spur you into the next phase of possibilities. This gets pretty sciencey. Great read to evoke self-evolution.

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